About Us

be·gin·ning.  n. The act or process of bringing or being brought into being; a start: the beginning of the universe. 

FoXy RED RoCks was established in February 2018 shortly after the birth of our first child, a son, a ginger one… our FoXy RED, Harry. 

FoXy RED RocKs is a small UK brand run by Charlotte and Jamie Atkinson, Charlotte, a Teacher with a Design Degree and a specialism in Surface pattern for Fashion and her other half Jamie, a Marketer; Charlotte's long suffering other half, FoXy's Daddy. 

After working in Education for 12 years and bringing FoXy RED into the world last year, during nap time Charlotte started to draw again and soon she was hooked, illustrating and creating and then it got dangerous… she dug out the sewing machine!

FoXy RED RoCKs was born…

At FoXy RED RoCkS we make original luxury clothing for Newborn to 4 year olds, Charlotte firstly illustrates into her sketchbook and then transfers her drawings onto her computer, she then takes them from concept to finished design and we work with a printer to have the designs digitally printed onto Cotton Jersey ready to be turned into beautiful garments for your little legs, tummy and heads.